A glimpse of Boarding life at Malvern College Switzerland

Our Boarding Community

To promote a sense of community and healthy competition within our School, all pupils are assigned to a House. The house system has many competitions and activities that work towards
winning and being awarded the House Cup at the end of year Speech Day.

The Houses are named after local Mountains and Chairlifts around Leysin -
Choulet (green), Mayen (red), Brion (yellow) and Berneuse (blue) and are mixed across year groups and genders. Teachers are also part of the House structure, each being allocated as a support member to encourage full engagement and participation in the House competitions and events.

The boarding community is based on the development of the whole person.
Each member of the community is treated as an individual and with respect, by other students and by teachers. Although living together, teachers and boarders acknowledge the right of each other to privacy.

It is our aim to ensure that all boarders are able to develop physically, spiritually, morally, and socially and be able to work, play and relax free from any anti-social behaviour or bullying. There is equality of opportunity and respect for all boarders, regardless of ethnicity, culture, gender or disability.

Each boarder has the right to extend their intellectual growth in an atmosphere of positive encouragement and in conditions conducive to learning.

There are four ‘Houses’ within the boarding community each named after local mountains, and friendly rivalry with House competitions is greatly encouraged with all pupils developing a strong allegiance to their particular House group.

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