A glimpse of Boarding life at Malvern College Switzerland

Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

Your child is our priority and everyone at the School places the utmost importance on pupils' well-being and happiness. We want all our pupils to flourish, so the help and support we give is available 24/7, and is tailored to individual needs - this is what we refer to as 'pastoral care'. It is central to all that we do. At MCS, all our staff understand the fundamental importance of pastoral care in a boarding school environment and are committed to ensuring that MCS pupils are safe, healthy, happy and secure.

As a boarding school, the Housemaster and boarding staff play the most significant supportive roles in pupils' lives. The Housemaster is supported by a team of Tutors, who meet with their pupils daily to ensure that they have everything they need in order to succeed and reach their goals. One of many advantages of being a small school is that every pupil is known to every staff member so that the team can support each individual – like one big family. Pupils know there is always someone they can turn to whether they need support, feel unwell or just want someone to talk to.

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