FEYDEY International School

Graduation Celebrations

On Saturday 25 March, we celebrated the hard work five of our Year 13 pupils have put into their preparation for final A-Level examinations which will be taking place in a few weeks time. Parents of three of the pupils, the CEO and founder of the School (Mr George Makhviladze), members of the Senior Leadership Team and A Level tutors joined together for a special lunch in recognising a moment of history in the life of the School - the first graduation of the senior pupils. Motivational speeches were given by the Head (Mrs Carlien Shelley) and Assistant Heads (Mr Chris Watts and Ms Nikki Bows) - these two staff members who have been with the students right from their start at MCS - to encourage them to get to the final hurdle and to be proud of their own individual achievements, knowing that they have certainly done their very best to do so. We wish them every success in their examinations and their onward educational and life journey.