FEYDEY International School

Summer break doesn’t stop the love of learning

Students at MCS are so inspired by their teaching experience that they continue to study independently during the summer holiday break.

Dreni, current Year 12 student from Albanian, is working on his IPQ (the international equivalent of an Extended Project Qualification). This is an update from Dreni on what he is studying ...

“The topic of my IPQ is Recombinant Insulin. I have looked at insulin's function as a hormone released by the beta cells of the pancreatic islets of Langerhans which signals glucose uptake in target cells to lower blood glucose levels and factor in other cell growth processes. The apex of this IPQ is reached at the genetic engineering part where insulin cDNA is inserted into a plasmid and made sure that the right regulatory elements are incorporated as well for ultimately a successful production of the protein. The plasmid used as a vector is transformed into a bacterial host where all the biochemical and biophysical processes necessary for production occur. I have now completed learning the methods of how this is done and I am currently attempting to discover a path of genetic manipulations original of mine and of course combined with reliable literature and protocol to display in my IPQ.”

This dedicated piece of work in his own summer break, bodes well for a very successful outcome in Year 13 when Dreni will complete his A-Level programme at our School.